April Seminar: Seismic Provisions in the 2016 California Existing Buildings Code

The new California Building Code, which became effective on January 1 this year, no longer has any provisions for existing buildings in Chapter 34. Instead, it references a new and more complete version of the California Existing Building Code – the CEBC – than the state has adopted and published in the past.

The CEBC will be new, and potentially confusing, to many California engineers. For one thing, it uses multiple chapters to do the work of the old Chapter 34. For another, it refers to multiple compliance methods but only seems to allow one of them. And because it’s based on the 2015 International Existing Building Code, it also reflects the changes from one cycle to the next, which are significant. In fact, while the state’s development and adoption of the CEBC had reasonable intentions, the execution appears to have missed a few details (which your Existing Buildings Committee is now working to resolve with the Building Standards Commission).

This mini-seminar will cover the IEBC’s seismic evaluation and retrofit triggers, the intent of California’s use of the IEBC, and how to understand the code’s new organization and logic. As time permits, the talk will also look at how San Francisco’s existing building amendments now fit within the CEBC.


David Bonowitz is a Fellow Member of both SEAONC and SEAOC. He chairs the NCSEA Existing Buildings committee, which helps develop the IEBC on behalf of the nationwide engineering community, and is a past chair of SEAONC’s Seismology and Existing Buildings committees.


Brian Olson is the current chair of the SEAONC Existing Buildings Committee and member of the SEAOC Existing Buildings Committee. He focuses on the evaluation and alteration of existing buildings. 

April 27th, 2017 6:00 PM   through   7:30 PM
1 Bush Street
San Francisco, CA
United States

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Phone: 415-974-5147
Registration Fee $ 35.00