Business Forum: Keeping Your Projects Under Budget Every Time

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Today with more competition and fewer projects and more difficult goals than ever in the A/E/C industry – we all need now more than ever simple ways to keep our projects under budget every time.  In PM Bootcamps every week with A/E/C firms, many firm leaders can be witnessed struggling with how they can do it.


PSMJ Resources instructors work with some of the most successful A/E organizations, who are already using these strategies.  But even those using the simple methods in this seminar are continually confronted with extensive unanticipated rework, difficulty in matching billings with the accelerated pace of work, and handling changes that bombard every project, while still getting compensated fairly for the time and effort involved. This seminar focuses on strategies and tactics to set up and successfully manage A/E projects and the changes they go through – and how A/Es and their firms can benefit. 


Key topics below, as well as tips and tools for developing a process-driven approach to create success for you and your team and your firm will be provided, including:


How to set up your projects for success from the very start

How you and your team can stay on the right track successfully

How to successfully and easily monitor and track project progress

How you and your team can easily spot when you are deviating from your plan early enough to maximize your chances to recover and still meet client and profitability goals

How you can get back on track when you find you are getting derailed, utilizing easy methods that every firm should use, including simple and scalable earned value analysis tools

How to avoid pitfalls in implementing the above processes and tools


Whether you are simply dissatisfied with the financial results your project teams have been achieving or want to overhaul or just refine your project financial tracking process and better and more easily integrate it with your accounting system, this seminar with the best practices processes that the most successful firms are using is designed for you!


About the Speaker

Christopher Martersteck, AIA, LEED AP, DBIA, AECPM, as a project delivery consultant with PSMJ Resources since 2002, has led hundreds of Project Management Bootcamps and PM Academy sessions for more than 10,000 A/E/C project leaders around the globe.  He has also been the Director of Project Management and Integrated Project Delivery for some of the most successful A/E/C firms and has personally led A/EC teams on over a billion dollars of projects.  Chris has also set up systems to manage, monitor and track many times that amount for a host of A/E/C firms. His Profile can be found at


January 31st, 2018 12:00 PM   through   1:30 PM
One Bush Street, Suite #200
San Francisco, CA 94104
United States
Business Forum $ 40.00