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Membership Information

Who Should Join

Membership in SEAONC is encouraged for anyone interested in the profession, seeking an opportunity to serve the public, knowledge or ideas, or otherwise help shape the practice of structural engineering. All members of SEAONC are also members of SEAOC.

The success of SEAONC, in its efforts to serve the public and the profession, stems chiefly from the volunteer commitments of members working on committees, both technical and non-technical, that form the basis of SEAONC operations. The majority of Association members are licensed civil, structural, and geotechnical engineers regularly engaged in the practice of structural engineering. The Association also draws membership from related fields involved in design and construction, including academe (professors and students), contractors, architects, and representatives from industry and government.



Why Join?

There are various ways in which joining SEAONC will benefit you. Below are just a few:


SEAONC is now, and will continue to be, an important contributor to codes, legislation, and regulations impacting structural engineering and other building practices locally, state wide, nationally and globally. The ability of the organization to influence future changes and developments directly depends on our members. SEAONC has had a strong role in the development of seismic design codes and will continue to because of the experience, knowledge and commitment of our members.

Continuing Education

SEAONC offers several technical seminars each year on the latest code developments, design practices and other topics including CAD training. These seminars are a valuable tool in continuing education as well as for networking with other engineers. As a member of SEAONC, you will receive discounts on registration fees to these seminars.


There are many direct benefits to being a SEAONC/SEAOC member that will help you to stay current with new developments in our profession. To name just a few, SEAOC provides Members and Member SEs with the latest 'Blue Book', Recommended Lateral Force Requirements and Commentary and all members received the SEAOC membership roster. Members also receive SEAONC's monthly newsletter and a discount to the monthly dinner meeting.


Your membership brings strength of numbers to our Association. With this strength, SEAOC is afforded opportunities to improve professional practice for the betterment of the general public and the practice of structural engineering. SEAOC is the only advocate focused solely on the profession of structural engineering. SEAOC exists to serve its members and depends on its members for support.


SEAOC/SEAONC gives all members the opportunity to participate on committees. The bulk of SEAONC activity is generated by the volunteer efforts of members serving on the Association's standing and ad hoc committees. Some committees periodically produce valuable publications in addition to hosting typical committee activities. Members are encouraged to join committees, with the understanding that they will participate and share in the workload. Participation in committee activities enhances personal education, both technical and professional. Joining a SEAOC/SEAONC committee allows members to directly impact our profession and to share their insights and experiences with the structural engineering community to benefit the general public.



SEAONC Membership Dues 2018-2019

Members, Members SE, Fellow and Industry Membership Grades
$165.00 SEAONC
$135.00 SEAOC
$300.00 TOTAL
Corresponding Membership Grade
$145.00 SEAONC
$135.00 SEAOC
$280.00 TOTAL
Affiliate Membership Grade
$68.00 SEAONC
$112.00 SEAOC
$180.00 TOTAL
Associate Membership Grade
$87.50 SEAONC
$57.50 SEAOC
$145.00 TOTAL
Lifetime Membership Grade
$34.50 SEAONC
$28.75 SEAOC
$63.25 TOTAL
Student Membership Grade
$30.00 SEAONC
$0.00 SEAOC
$30.00 TOTAL


How to Join

To join SEAONC, simply fill out the online application. Membership dues will be due at the time of submital. Members will be notified upon official approval by the Board.

All new and continuing SEAONC members are strongly encouraged to join and participate in a committee. Download for excerpts from the SEAONC Bylaws concerning membership.

For more information, contact the SEAONC office.

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Structural Engineers Association
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Mission: To advance the practice of structural engineering, to build community among our members, and to educate the public regarding the structural engineering profession.

Vision: A world in which structural engineers are valued by the public for their contributions to building a safer and stronger community.