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Past Awards

Past Presidents

1930 Henry J. Brunnier
1931 Henry J. Brunnier
1932 L.H. Nishkian
1933 E.L. Cope
1934 C.H. Snyder
1935 John B. Leonard
1936 John B. Leonard
1937 A.V. Saph Jr.
1938 Harold B. Hammil
1939 A.W. Earl
1940 A.V. Saph Jr.
1941 Clement T. Wiskocil
1942 Henry C. Powers
1943 J. Bertrand Wells
1944 Clarence E. Seage
1945 Jonathon G. Wright
1946 W. Adrian
1947 William W. Moore
1948 John A. Blume
1949 Jesse Rosenwald
1950 Arthur W. Anderson
1951 John E. Rinne
1952 John J. Gould
1953 G.A. Sedgwick
1954 Michael L. Pregnoff
1955 Howard A. Schirmer
1956 Walter L. Dickey
1957 Henry J. Degenkolb
1958 J. Albert Paquette
1959 Charles DeMaria

1960 Leslie W. Graham
1961 John M. Sardis
1962 James L. Stratta
1963 Donald M. Teixeira
1964 Robert Dalton, Jr.
1965 Robert D. Dewell
1966 Robert Wildman
1967 F. Robert Preece
1968 Thomas Wosser
1969 Daniel Shapiro
1970 H. Robert Hammill
1971 Keith D. Bull
1972 Arthur R. Weatherbe
1973 H.S. Kellam
1974 Albert T. Simpson
1975 David L. Messinger
1976 Stanley E. Teixeira
1977 Stephen Johnston
1978 Edwin G. Zacher
1979 Eric Elsesser
1980 Joseph Nicoletti
1981 Ephraim Hirsch
1982 Robert Bentson
1983 Robert Toft
1984 Egor P. Popov
1985 Loring Wyllie Jr.
1986 Russell Fudge
1987 William T. Holmes
1988 Nicholas F. Forell
1989 Paul F. Fratessa
1990 Ted Canon
1991 Edward Diekmann
1992 C. Mark Saunders
1993 Maryann Phipps
1994 Ronald P. Gallagher
1995 Ronald O. Hamburger
1996 Ronald Middlebrook
1997 Pat Buscovich
1998 John Paquette
1999 Joseph R. Sutton
2000 James Malley
2001 Jon P. Kiland
2002 Steven Tipping
2003 David Bonneville
2004 Simin Naaseh
2005 Andrew Merovich
2006 Douglas Hohbach
2007 Bret Lizundia
2008 Reinhard Ludke
2009 Rafael Sabelli
2010 Kelly Cobeen
2011 Peter Lee
2012 Grace Kang
2013 Colin Blaney
2014 Darrick Hom
2015 Kate Stillwell
2016 Richard Dreyer
2017 Taryn N. Williams
2018 Tim Hart
2019 Janiele Maffei


Honorary Members of SEAONC

An HONORARY MEMBER shall be a person so designated by the Board of Directors in special recognition of the person’s contribution to the excellence of the structural engineering profession. An Honorary Member who is a Voting Member shall have the rights and privileges of the grade s/he holds. An Honorary Member who is not a Voting Member may not vote or hold office.

Norman Abrahamson
Robert Bachman
Vitelmo Betero
David Bonneville
Anil K. Chopra
Craig Comartin
Mary Comerio
Charles DeMaria
Eric Elsesser
Paul Fratessa
Ashraf Habibullah
Ronald Hamburger
Ephraim Hirsch
William T. Holmes
Stephen E. Johnston
James Kelly
Charles Kircher
Laurence Kornfield
Helmut Krawinkler
Stephen Mahin
James Malley
Frank McClure
Jack Moehle
William W. Moore
Joseph Nicoletti
Maryann Phipps
Chris Poland
F. Robert Preece
Chris Rojahn
Frank L. Rollo
C. Mark Saunders
Daniel Shapiro
Roland Sharpe
Zan Turner
Edward Wilson
Thomas D. Wosser
Loring Wyllie Jr.
Edwin G. Zacher
Theodore C. Zsutty

Edwin G. Zacher Award Recipients

A recipient for the Edwin G. Zacher Award for outstanding recent service and contribution to the Association shall be determined by the Board of Directors prior to the Annual Meeting at which the award shall be presented.

Edwin G. Zacher (1996)
Kelly Cobeen (1997)
Mark Jokerst (1998)
Ronald Hamburger (1999)
Pat Buscovich (2000)
Carrie Bischoff (2001)
Ron Gallagher (2002)
David McCormick (2003)
David Bonowitz (2004)
Constantine Shuhaibar (2005)
Joseph Sutton (2006)
Joe Maffei (2007)
Tim Hart (2008)
Colin Blaney (2009)
Kevin Moore (2010)
Bruce Maison (2011)
Marko Schotanus (2012)
Lindsey Maclise (2013)
Marguerite Bello (2014)
Laura Whitehurst (2015)
Natalie Tse (2016)
Rosemarie McClure (2016)
Ben Mohr (2017)
Megan Stringer (2018)
Jonathan Buckalew (2019)

H.J. Brunnier Award Recipients

A recipient for the H.J. Brunnier Lifetime Achievement Award for outstanding achievement in structural engineering shall be determined by the Board of Directors prior to the Annual Meeting at which the award shall be presented. From 1996 to 2000 the award honored engineering achievements on specific projects. As of 2001 the award has been known as the H.J. Brunnier Lifetime Achievement Award to focus the award on an individual’s entire body of work.

H.J. Brunnier Award

Navin Amin, SFO International Terminal (1996)
Simin Naaseh & Paul Rodler, SF City Hall Seismic Retrofit (1997)
David Mar, Pacific Place (1998)
Bret Lizundia, Hanna House in Stanford (1999)
Chris Poland, Stanford Museum Project (2000)
Eric Ko, UC Davis Laboratories Project (2000)

H.J. Brunnier Lifetime Achievement Award

T.Y. Lin (2001)
Eric Elsesser (2002)
Dan Shapiro (2003)
Ben Gerwick (2004)
Bill Holmes (2005)
Joseph Nicoletti (2006)
Charles DeMaria (2007)
Stefan Medwadowski (2008)
Vitelmo Bertero (2009)
Ashraf Habibullah (2010)
Victor A. Zayas (2011)
David Friedman (2012)
Ronald Hamburger (2013)
Mark Ketchum (2014)
Mark Sarkisian (2015)
Alexander G. Tarics (2016)
Loring Wyllie Jr. (2017)
Steven Tipping (2018)
Mason Walters (2019)


Helmut Krawinkler Award

A recipient for the Helmut Krawinkler Award for outstanding leadership in implementing state of the art research into practice shall be determined by the Board of Directors prior to the Annual Meeting at which the award shall be presented. The award is presented to acknowledge those individual members (academia or practicing engineers) who have applied and adapted pioneering academic research to the structural engineering practice.

Jack Moehle (2014)
Jon Heintz (2015)
Gregory Deierlein (2016)
Stephen Mahin (2017)
William Holmes (2018)
Jack Baker (2019)
Curt B. Haselton (2019)

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